Festoon lighting is such a simple yet effective form of lighting to really create an atmosphere for your next celebration, whether it be a wedding, party or other event.

You can simply just hire this from us or we can come and install too.

Festoon Lighting. Outdoor String lights. Party Lights

From modern urban edge to vintage chic, nothing beats the effect from festoon lights to set the mood.
These string lights can be used inside or outside. Zig zag them across a room,
or bring a backyard or outdoor area to life with a few strings strung across.
These party lights are ideal for dressing up any area and for all special occasions like weddings,
birthday’s and other special occasions as they are so versatile to use.
Our festoon lights are fitted with a plug to go into the electrical socket in a wall,
so they don’t need to be hard wired by an electrician.

Prices start from $90.00 per 20 m lengths (20m lengths available only)
and an installation/pack down fee by our lighting tech’s starting from $600.

A dimmer also available to control the brightness and control the ambiance for $50.

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